Welcome to Natural Sight Press

Natural Sight Press is pleased to publish the first two of a series of interactive natural science field books focusing on plants and animals of the West Coast of North America.

In the Company of Redwoods

An Interactive Guide to Learning 50 Redwood Community Plants through Hand Tinting

Nature coloring bookIn the Company of Redwoods (2014) is an  interactive guide to learning 50 Redwood community plants.

As the reader adds color to its exquisitely detailed black and white photographs, their eyes move back and forth between the plants they see and the text and images of this unique book, enabling them to quickly will learn the names, facts and faces of the Redwood forest plant community. Explore the Redwoods…


Take me to the Tide Pools:

An Interactive guide for learning about tide pool life

Tide PoolsThe second book, Take Me to the Tide Pools (2016), employs the same engaging coloring technique, along with insightful questions and the delightful journal entries of a young girl named Luna.  Through her observations and those the reader is encouraged to make, the lives of 29 tide pool creatures are brought to life. Explore tide pools…


Both books are designed to accompany the reader on their personal exploration of the natural world.  They are a unique combination of art and natural science and a sure remedy for nature deficiency in our lives!